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Giese is the recipient of numerous awards including two Golden Cine Eagles, a Kovler Writing Award, a Spotlight Award, First Prize at the American International Film Festival, a Charles Speroni Scholarship, and an MPAA Award of Excellence. She has taught film & TV production at UCLA Extension, lectures regularly, and writes extensively about the under-representation of women directors in America on her blog, Giese was elected in 2013 and 2014 as the first ever DGA Women Directors Category Representative, and was appointed co-chair of the DGA-WSC Proposals Subcommittee providing the first official conduit between the DGA Women's Steering Committee and the DGA National Board.
direct two feature films, “RAIN” and “Treasure Hunt.” She previously completed a short documentary and two short films including the StudentAcademy Award finalist, "A Dry Heat." She was awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree in film production in 1994. 
Examiner called the film "A champion," "A shot-on-video wonder" and named it the "The pick of the pack" at the SF Independent Film Festival. It wonBest Feature Film and Best Underground Film at international festivals. 
Giese re-wrote "North Star," directed by Nils Gaup ("Pathfinder") and starring James Caan, Christopher Lambert and Catherine McCormack. She also wrote the original feature drama "The Life Story of Che Guevara" and adapted the British novel "Free To Trade" for Capitol Films. In addition, she has written two original feature films and co- wrote the children’s feature adaptation of “The Wheel on the School” based on the classic Newbery Prize-winning novel by Meindert DeJong.  A graduate of Wellesley College and UCLA's Graduate School of Film & Television, Giese is currently attached to 
Maria Giese wrote and directed the British film "When Saturday Comes" starring Sean Bean, Academy Award-nominee Pete Postlethwaite, and Emily Lloyd. This feature film, shot on location in Sheffield, England for Capitol Films, was released theatrically around the world in 1996.  Giese also wrote, directed and produced the digital feature film "Hunger" (available on Amazon 2011), her contemporary adaptation of Nobel laureate Knut Hamsun's 1890 existentialist masterpiece. The San Francisco 
Directors Reel
Films & TV Shows Directed by Maria Giese
HUNGER – FEATURE FILM - MARKET STREET FILMS - AMAZONBased on the classic 1890 novel by Nobel Prize-winner, Knut Hamsun.  A sensitive write from a small town faces spiritual crisis as he tries to make it as a Hollywood screenwriter.Winner: Best Feature – Moondance Film Festival - 2007Winner: Best Underground Feature – FAIF International Film Festival - 2007Official Selection: Nordkapp International Film Festival 2007“A shot-on-video wonder,” “Pick of the Pack,” “A Champion!” WHEN SATURDAY COMES – FEATURE FILM - CAPITOL FILMS, UKStarring Sean Bean, Academy Award Nominee Pete Postlethwaite, and Emily LloydA working-class kid from a northern English mining town dreams of becoming a professional footballer.Cannes Film Festival – Market Screening35mm Guild/Pathe Film Distribution Release SOLO EN AMERICA – TELEMUNDO – COLUMBIA/TRISTARTV Series Sitcom – Family ComedyAn Hispanic mom brings up her two daughters alone in America.Llamame Loco Productions, Los Angeles, CA TAKE YOUR SEAT – INDEPENDENT SHORT FILM - UCLAShort film set in Indiana in 1910, two little girls struggle with issues of anti-Semitism.Winner – Cine Golden Eagle 16mm Kodak Color Film.  Premiered at UCLA A DRY HEAT – INDEPENDENT SHORT FILM - UCLAShort comedy film. A group of people meets at a gas station in Death Valley, changing everyone’s lives forever. Winner: Cine Golden EagleWinner: UCLA Spotlight AwardFinalist Student Academy AwardOfficial Selection Breckenridge International Film Festival 16mm Kodak Color Film A LOTTA LAMBADA – SHORT COMEDY DOCUMENTARY – UCLAElderly folks in the San Fernando Valley get obsessed with the sexy Brazilian Lambada dance craze.
Maria Giese - Director’s Reel
Hunger Written & Directed by Maria Giese  A contemporary adaptation of Nobel laureate Knut Hamsun's 1890 existentialist masterpiece. Starring Joseph Culp & Robert Culp  "A champion," "A shot-on-video wonder," "The pick of the pack" --San Francisco Examiner Available on Amazon 2011 -
When Saturday Comes Written & Directed by Maria Giese  Capitol Films / Guild / Pathe - 1996 Global Theatrical Release  Starring Sean Bean, Pete Postlethwaite, and Emily Lloyd Produced by Christophe Lambert, Meir Teper, James Daly
In Release
Hunger (2007)
Feature Projects
Official Website, On Amazon, IMDB
“A Children’s Classic” 
“Sometimes when you begin to wonder why, you can begin to really make things happen.”        — Lina, age 10.
A sensitive writer from a small town faces spiritual crisis as he tries to make it as a Hollywood screenwriter. Charlie Pontus (Joseph Culp) wanders around Los Angeles torn between his efforts to sell a screenplay and find his next meal.  The story illustrates the difficult balance between artistic integrity and the commercial necessities of Hollywood. This “towering portrait of an artist’s indomitable spirit” is based on “Hunger” (1890), the first existentialist novel ever written and the greatest work of Norwegian Nobel laureate, Knut Hamsun.
It’s Holland, 1910... As the worst storm in a hundred years rushes toward their rugged coastline, the people of a small fishing village in Friesland prepare for the worst. But one little girl has the courage to wonder why… and that is enough to change everything.  Treasure Hunt is a feature film based on the 1955 Newbery Award-winning novel The Wheel on the School by Meindert DeJong.  In the tradition of classic children’s films such as My Life as a Dog, The Secret of Roan Inish, and the Academy Award-winning Whale Rider,  Treasure Hunt is one more exquisite coming-of-age tale destined to become a classic children’s film.  “...a masterpiece of storytelling, full of dramatic action and suspense."
In Development
Andy is faced with the moral dilemma of Modern Man: succumb to the temptations of the office temptress or remain loyal to a fiancé who can’t seem to make up her mind? But who has time to ponder? Nick’s idiotic choices lead them both into the dark criminal morass of one of the city’s worst hooligans— Tony Underground.

 The Birmingham police get involved, and the chase is on! Bizarre shenanigans, unintentionally sniffed drugs, and penalties disallowed follow the eternal quest to get the football pitch marked-out in a timely manner. Will Andy find happiness? Will Nick stay alive? Do men even have a say in the outcome of their lives? Another torrential downpour, followed by perhaps the most magical snowfall in Birmingham history, will bring… ...the answers from above.
A new comedy about love, friendship, football, some inept small-time crooks, and a mysterious box of Cornflakes... ...because you never know what you might find in a box of Cornflakes! SYNOPSIS Nothing like a horrible car accident, combined with a devastating break-up to incite someone to “start life over.”  Andy’s best years were in spent in college in Birmingham, and frankly, life at home in Milan, Italy, hasn’t been adding up to much anyway.  It was pouring rain when he left Birmingham, and it’s still pouring, but life anywhere is better with a best friend. Nick, late as usual and hung-over again, meets Andy at the train station, gets him a nice flat, a good job, and even cajoles him into rejoining the local football team.  Unfortunately, Andy’s new day-to-day life is turned upside-down again whilst grocery shopping at his local Sainsbury’s. Thanks to his gentlemanly act for an elderly shopper, Andy inadvertently picks up the wrong box of Cornflakes…

 “Fever Pitch" meets "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" as Andy tries to stop Nick from navigating the British underworld of petty crime as he attempts to turn Andy’s new-found cereal box “Prize” into enough money to save their beloved local football team from bankruptcy.

On Amazon, IMDB, Soundtrack
Jimmy Muir is a hard-drinking brewery worker in the city of Sheffield, with an arrogant lack of respect for authority. His entire life has been orientated by football and he possesses the potential, but has never had the courage or discipline to make anything of it. Jimmy is spotted by Ken Jackson, whilst playing for his pub team. Ken is the manager of Hallam football club, a local non-league team. After continually playing brilliantly for Hallam, Jimmy gets offered a trial at Sheffield United.
“Off-the-bloody-wall funny!"
“Inspiring and uplifting” 
When Saturday Comes (1996)
Steve Kenis & Co. 95 Barkston Gardens London SW5 0EU tel. 011-44-207-434-9055
Maria Giese
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Literary Agent
Aegis FilmsP.O. Box 95Venice, CA  90291 tel. (310) 678-9632
John Taylor Williams The Kneerim, Williams & Bloom Agency 90 Canal Street Boston, MA 02114
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Maria Giese directed the feature films, “When Saturday Comes,” starring Sean Bean and Academy Award-nominee Pete Postlethwaite. She also directed the award-winning indie feature, “Hunger,” based on the novel by Nobel Prize winner, Knut Hamsun. Educated at Wellesley College and UCLA Graduate School of Film and Television, she is an active member of the DGA and recently served as the Women’s DGA Director Category Rep.  Check out her activist web forum:
About Maria
A Dry Heat CINE Golden Eagle WinnerSpotlight Award WinnerStudent Academy Award Finalist
Jewish Water CINE Golden Eagle Winner
A Dry Heat
Archival Short Films Directed by Maria Giese